Rekindling the Word – Review

Rekindling the Word

When historians look at their sources, they are very interested in how close they can get to the events. It is not always as simple as the oldest sources being the most accurate, but it […]

Was the Virgin Birth of Jesus Based on Pagan Myths?

This post is not on whether or not Jesus was conceived by Mary while she was still a virgin. I deal with more theological questions at my other website. Belief in the virgin birth is […]

What is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas?

Infancy Gospel of Thomas

One of the highlights when I teach New Testament introduction courses is to have “story-time” with a reading from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Why would I read from such a book? Critics attempt to […]

The Relationship of History and New Testament Studies

New Testament

My training is in New Testament studies and not history. However, I see a very close relationship between the two. I come at New Testament studies from the perspective of history. How does one go […]

What Was Crucifixion Like?

The crucifixion of Jesus is one of the central events of the Christian faith. Jesus was not the first (or the last) person to be crucified. Understanding the historical context of crucifixion helps us to […]

What Bible Commentaries Should You Use?

Biblical commentaries are a tremendous tool for understanding the Old and New Testaments. The problem is that there is not just one kind of Bible commentary. There are commentaries for preachers, devotional commentaries and scholarly […]

The Dirty Little Secret About Dating the Gospels


There is some debate when it comes to the dating of the Gospels. Some would like to date the Gospels in the 50s or 60s. There are others who will argue vehemently that the earliest […]

What is Multiple Attestation?

Multiple Attestation

One of the tools that historians use is something called multiple attestation. Multiple attestation simply means that something is more likely to be historical if it is attested in multiple sources. It is often used […]

Is the Telephone Game a Good Analogy for the Jesus Oral Traditions?

Most scholars are agreed that the traditions about Jesus were passed along as an oral tradition before being written down in the four Gospels. But what does that mean for their historical reliability? Some people […]

5 Books on the New Testament That I Recommend

New Testament

Although I love history, my formal training is in the area of the New Testament. I have come across some very helpful books over the years and I thought I would share what I think […]