Romans: The NIV Application Commentary – Review


Paul’s letter to the Romans is one of the most influential texts for the Christian church, ancient and modern. This epistle had a deep impact on such figures as Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley and […]

Martin Luther’s Commentary on Romans

Martin Luther

As a part of my preparation for a course on Romans that I’m teaching at Tyndale University College, I reread Martin Luther’s Commentary on Romans. This commentary is one of the most influential commentaries in […]

Doing Church History – Review

Doing Church History

Every once in a while, I come across a book that I wish I had when I began my seminary studies. Doing Church History by Gordon Heath is one of those books. This book is […]

From Jesus to Christianity – Review

From Jesus to Christianity

A book that has sat on my shelf for some time is From Jesus to Christianity by L. Michael White.¬† Since I am interested in both the New Testament and the early church, it was […]

A History of the Christian Church – Review

History of the Christian Church

One of the required texts when I studied Church History at McMaster Divinity College was A History of the Christian Church by Williston Walker. I read it back then and just reread it recently. I […]

Rekindling the Word – Review

Rekindling the Word

When historians look at their sources, they are very interested in how close they can get to the events. It is not always as simple as the oldest sources being the most accurate, but it […]

A History of Christianity – Review

History of Christianity

One of the first books that I read was Kenneth Scott Latourette’s A History of Christianity Vol. 1. It helped to spark my interest in church history. I recently reread both volumes of this respected […]

Paul: A Biography – Review

Paul A Biography

One of my favourite writers on early Christianity is N.T. Wright. I have read many of his books and when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I knew it was Paul: A […]

Paul in Acts – Review

Paul in Acts

One of the most important figures for understanding the early church is the Apostle Paul. However, when it comes to studying Paul, we have two different sources to examine. There are Paul’s letters and Luke’s […]

The Plot to Kill Hitler


At a recent book fair at my children’s school, I was surprised to find the book, The Plot to Kill Hitler. I was not surprised to find a book on World War Two, I was […]