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Theology as Autobiography – Review

Theology as Autobiography – Review

There are various ways to do theology. One is to go through the Bible and make theological reflections. Another is to organize theology around a number of agreed upon categories. But another is autobiography.

Theology as Autobiography

Colby Dickinson looks at this in the book, Theology as Autobiography. In this book, Dickinson looks at theology requiring translation, and that translation taking place as faith lived out and self-described.

Each chapter is a look at an individual of faith, starting with Augustine and going right up to contemporary times. However, these might not be the figures you are expecting. Dickinson did not pick the most famous or even the most influential. Instead he looked for a certain self-critical aspect to their autobiographical work.

Dickinson writes from a left of centre Roman Catholic perspective. Most of the figures represented are Catholic, although there are some Protestant non-Christian figures as well.

Theologically, I did not connect with a lot of the people written about but I appreciated how Dickinson drew out the theological implications of each autobiography. This book also helped give me a greater appreciation for spiritual autobiographies.

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