The Apostolic Fathers

Apostolic Fathers

One of the areas of church history that I am most interested in is the Apostolic Fathers. As I write this post, this is the area that I am covering in the podcast. Ryan Reeves, […]

Tertullian’s Letter to His Wife


When we think of the Church Fathers, we often forget that they were real human beings. Beyond being extraordinary people in extraordinary times, they were people with emotions who were in relationships. I have been […]

Was Peter the First Pope?


My intention is not to make a theological critique of Peter as pope but rather a historical one. Having said that, I am a protestant Christian and so I do have some theological opinions on […]

Origen of Alexandria

I find Origen of Alexandria to be one of the most interesting of the early church fathers. He has his issues and had some strange ideas, including the idea that Satan would be saved. Origen […]

Council of Nicaea in 3 1/2 minutes

One of the most important events in church history was the Council of Nicaea. But what happened there? This video will give a quick overview of what happened.

A Short Biography of St Augustine

One of the most influential theologians of all Christianity is Augustine of Hippo. Roman Catholics and Protestants look to him for inspiration. Even non-Christians who are interested in the history of philosophy take Augustine seriously. […]

Why I Read the Church Fathers

I have been reading through the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers (church fathers before the Council of Nicaea). As a history podcaster, that might not surprise you. However, I started reading the Church Fathers long before I […]