Were the Earliest Christians Antisemitic?


The Christian church has had an unfortunately bad relationship with the Jewish synagogue at various times in their history. But is Christianity antisemitic at it’s core? The earliest Christianity can be found in the documents […]

The Relationship of History and New Testament Studies

New Testament

My training is in New Testament studies and not history. However, I see a very close relationship between the two. I come at New Testament studies from the perspective of history. How does one go […]

Judaism Before Jesus – Review


I am a firm believer that understanding the New Testament requires some understanding of its Jewish context. I don’t mean that Judaism is only Christian context, it has great value as a major faith. But […]

What Bible Commentaries Should You Use?

Biblical commentaries are a tremendous tool for understanding the Old and New Testaments. The problem is that there is not just one kind of Bible commentary. There are commentaries for preachers, devotional commentaries and scholarly […]

5 Books on the New Testament That I Recommend

New Testament

Although I love history, my formal training is in the area of the New Testament. I have come across some very helpful books over the years and I thought I would share what I think […]

5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul is one of the most influential thinkers and writers in the history of Christianity. It could be argued that his impact is second only to Jesus. But how well do we really […]

Episode 8 – Pillars of the Church: Peter, James and John

In this eighth episode of the History of Christianity, we take a look at the three men that the Apostle Paul describes as the pillars of the church: Peter, James and John. For More Information: Peter’s Denial […]