A Noble Company: The Canadians

A Noble CompanyI had the privilege of contributing a chapter to one of the volumes of the A Noble Company series published by Particular Baptist Press. The entire series is on the lives of notable Particular-Regular Baptists in America.

Some people have asked what a Particular or Regular Baptist is. Particular or Regular Baptists are reformed in their theology, in contrast to General Baptists who are more Arminian in theology. It is likely that the first Baptists were General, but both reformed and non-reformed Baptists have been around almost from the beginning.

When we think of America, we think of the United States. But equally important in understanding the role of Baptists in North America are the events that took place in Canada.

The chapter I did was on Alexander Stewart (1774-1840). Stewart was a preacher and evangelist who came to Canada from Scotland. He had a heart for the city that would become Toronto.

It seems that he was a powerful preacher and evangelist but not as good a leader or pastor. But this is why it is important to read history. We can learn from both the good and the bad.

If you want to get a copy of this volume, you can get it here.

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