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Three Myths about the King James Bible

The King James Version (Authorized Version) of the Bible was one of the most influential books in western culture. Many Christians today continue to hold tightly to the King James Version. The problem with such influence is that legendary elements begin to adhere to the truth. Ryan Reeves looks at three myths about the King James Version. You might want to also check out his book, Know How We Got Our Bible (KNOW Series).

The Apostolic Fathers

One of the areas of church history that I am most interested in is the Apostolic Fathers. As I write this post, this is the area that I am covering in the podcast.

Ryan Reeves, of whom I have shared many videos, provides a nice introduction to the Apostolic Fathers. Have a watch.

Who Were the Huguenots?

I have an interest in the French protestants known as the Huguenots. My family (on the Bedard side) are originally from La Rochelle, one of the Huguenots strongholds in France.

While the Bedards were all Roman Catholic by the time they arrived in Canada, I suspect some were Huguenots. It was common for Huguenots to convert to Roman Catholicism after the St Bartholomew’s Massacre in 1572.

Here is a helpful documentary by Ryan Reeves. I have shared other of his videos and they are very good.

The Second Great Awakening

When people think about the Great Awakening, they often think of the First Great Awakening and the preaching of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield. But after the First Great Awakening was a Second Great Awakening. This took place mostly in the early nineteenth century.

The Second Great Awakening had an immense affect, not just on the later evangelical church, but also on the numerous American-born sects and cults of the nineteenth century.

Who Was Menno Simons?

Many people are vaguely aware of Mennonites but do not understand where they came from or what they believe. They may think of the Amish and a rejection of technology, but that is only one part of a larger groups called the Anabaptists.

An important figure and the man who has lent his name to the Mennonites is Menno Simons. Menno Simons may not be as well known as Calvin or Luther but he is still a powerful figure in church history. I encourage you to watch this short video and learn about this influential Christian.

Overview of Puritanism

Today when people speak of Puritanism, they often use it in a pejorative way meaning a harsh religious system. However, the Puritans have a rich heritage that has and continues to bless the Christian church.

While there may have been some abuses within Puritanism, the same can be said about every religious movement. It is always better to learn more about a movement than it is to criticize without knowledge.

You may find this documentary on Puritanism by Ryan Reeves to be a helpful overview.