Martin Luther’s Commentary on Romans

Martin Luther

As a part of my preparation for a course on Romans that I’m teaching at Tyndale University College, I reread Martin Luther’s Commentary on Romans. This commentary is one of the most influential commentaries in […]

Here I Stand – Review

With the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, I felt compelled to do some reading on Martin Luther. I had a book on my shelf that had been there for a while and […]

Episode 15 – Martin Luther Nailed It: A Reformation Day Sermon

Introduction Many children are looking forward to October 31. They enjoy dressing up as their favourite superhero or some other character, and even more the large amounts of sugary treats that they will consume. It […]

Should We Celebrate Martin Luther?

Martin Luther

We have just reached the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Door and the start of the Protestant Reformation. Like many, I posted many links to my Facebook page of […]

Did Martin Luther Reject Reason?

Martin Luther is quoted as saying, “Reason is the enemy of faith.” That is a difficult statement for those who believe that Christianity is a reasonable faith. Like any historical inquiry, statements need to be […]

Martin Luther – PBS Documentary

Martin Luther

One of the most influential figures in all of Christian history is Martin Luther. Love him or hate him, we must admit that he had a great impact and his legacy lives on. PBS put […]