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5 Reasons Why I Love History

5 Reasons Why I Love History
History of Christianity
History of Christianity
5 Reasons Why I Love History


I have loved history for as long as I can remember. When my friends were reading superhero comic books, I was reading comic books about World War Two (Sgt Rock was my favourite).

My interest in military history has continued but has also expanded. There are many areas of history that I enjoy, both ancient and modern.

Even as a I did graduate work in biblical studies, I often came at the subject from a historical perspective.

I don’t know if you appreciate history like I do, but I thought I would share five reasons why I love history.

  1. We can learn from the mistakes of the past. People throughout history have made many unfortunate choices. This includes the church (the subject of this podcast). I do not intend to cover up the mistakes, but I hope we can learn from them.
  2. We can learn from the successes of the past. On occasion, people have made good choices that have helped people and changed lives for the better. We need to hear their stories.
  3. We can be inspired by the individuals and events of the past. Much of history is not just a list of events but includes story. Ancient historians expected that their writings would have some sort of positive effect on their readers.
  4. Studying history connects us to a larger story. Who we are is much more than just our personal life or even the experiences of our parents. We are connected to people and events across the globe and throughout the generations. One of my relatives pushed back our family tree to the late 1400s and even that is only a small part of the picture.
  5. History is interesting. There are some pretty strange characters throughout history. I’m always shocked when people say history is boring. If you think history is boring, you are not looking close enough. They say that truth is stranger than fiction and history demonstrates this to be true. I study history not to impress people but because it is fun.

What about you? Why do you love history?

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  1. I, too, am a history freak. I love British Medieval history… anything from the Viking invasion in 792 to Elizabeth I. Especially the Plantagenets. I’ve been reading about it for 50 years now. At about age 10 I discovered Henry and his six wives and that has always fascinated me. In high school I learned calligraphy (think monks in the scriptorium copying over texts and illuminated manuscripts by hand). This year before the plague, my best friend and I did a trip to the UK. We did Canturbury, York, Bamburgh Castle, Holy Island…then another week in Scotland and a dash to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit Will. It was fabulous. Previously we’ve done other trips to England and a couple to France. Last January (2019) I found tickets Chicago–London for $320. So we drove 5 hours to Chicago on Friday, flew overnight, did Westminster Abbey in the morning, our exhibit at the British Library on Anglo-Saxons at noon (Doomsday Book, Lindesfarne Gospels, Beowolf, King Alfred’s Jewel), then a visit to the Tate (Jimmy Page of Led Zep owns some cool tapestries that he loaned of Edward Burnes-Jones). We passed out at our hotel in Kensington. Then to the Tower Sunday AM, after lunch we took the train to Hampton Court Palace, had a spot to eat in a pub in Surrey, back to the hotel, passed out, up to airport and home!! Spent maybe $800 the whole weekend. Was exhausting but I’d do it again in a minute!
    Back to Henry, he sort of influenced the Reformation in England by breaking with the church to marry Anne Boleyn. Then just a few years later he cut off her head! Anyway I love going over there and exploring, seeing castles and cathedrals. Going for a month next year to see more of Northumbria, Wales (as many of Edward I’s Welsh castles as possible) and my take a few days to hit northern France. Caen (Wm I the conqueror is buried here) and a few other spots. We’ve been to Normandy and the beaches, Mont St Michel, Paris, the Loire (where Leonardo lived the last 3 years and is buried in St Hubert’s Chapel at Chateau de Amboise). Anyway, I could go on….and on… and ON. Sorry. Please add me to your list. p.s. also love the study of the Reformation….I just need to retire and go live in Europe forever……

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