Is This Podcast About History or Christian Apologetics?

History of ChristianityI recently had a comment from listener who was disappointed in the podcast. The heart of the complaint was that the podcast was more about Christian apologetics than about history. He felt I wasn’t completely honest about the nature of the podcast.

His concern deserves to be addressed.

My intent is that this podcast be truly about the history of Christianity and not about Christian apologetics. What I mean is that my goal for this podcast is not to convince people that Christianity is true.

That is not to say that I’m against Christian apologetics. I have written extensively in the area of Christian apologetics. I am a Christian and a pastor and I believe that Christianity is true. I am also aware that my bias toward the truth of Christianity affects the podcast.

But that doesn’t mean that unbelievers are unbiased. Atheists and people of other faiths have their own bias. I would encourage you to listen to those perspectives as well.

My aim for this podcast is to present the history of Christianity. I intend to demonstrate where and how the church has made mistakes. I also hope to show that many of the important figures had their faults. I won’t gloss over the problems just for the sake of making Christianity look more attractive.

I understand that this podcast will not be for everyone. There will be those who will want a non-confessional take on the history of Christianity. That is fine.

But I hope that you will find something of value in this podcast and that will give you another perspective on church history.

You might find this post on the relationship between history and apologetics interesting.

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