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Top Five Christians From History I Would Like to Meet

Over at my main website, I’m doing a series of top five lists to celebrate my fiftieth birthday. I thought I would do one here as well.

I am interested in church history, obviously since I write this blog and podcast. There are certain people from church history that I would have loved to have met.

I’m leaving out figures from the Bible, since I could easily fill up the five from there. Here are my top five.

  1. Augustine of Hippo
  2. Alfred the Great
  3. John Wesley
  4. William Wilberforce
  5. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Who would you have liked to have met?


Top Five Episodes of 2017

Top FiveI have really enjoyed producing episodes of the History of Christianity podcast. Thank you for listening and supporting this project. I look forward to bigger and better things in 2018.

Here are the top five episodes of the podcast as downloaded in 2017. What was your favourite episode?

  1. Episode 1 – John the Baptist
  2. Episode 14 – Second Temple Judaism
  3. Episode 2 – Sources for Jesus
  4. Episode 13 – Interview With A Historian: Mark Steinacher
  5. Episode 3 – Jesus Before the Early Years