Episode 17 – Synoptic Gospels (Jewish Background)

This episode is the first part of a series of lectures I gave for a course on Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels for Tyndale University College. This first lecture deals with the Jewish background to […]

Episode 16 – Herod and Sons

The family of Herod the Great weaved in and out of the story of the early church, including the lives of Jesus and Paul. But who were the Herods? What was so great about Herod […]

Episode 15 – Martin Luther Nailed It: A Reformation Day Sermon

Introduction Many children are looking forward to October 31. They enjoy dressing up as their favourite superhero or some other character, and even more the large amounts of sugary treats that they will consume. It […]

Episode 14 – Second Temple Judaism

Christianity didn’t emerge out of a vacuum. Although considered a separate religion now, it was originally a sect of Judaism. The culture in which it appeared is called Second Temple Judaism. In this episode, we […]

Episode 13 – Interview With A Historian: Mark Steinacher

In this episode of the podcast, we have an interview with Dr. Mark Steinacher. Mark is an assistant professor of history at Tyndale University College. Mark shares with us how he came to be interested […]

Episode 8 – Pillars of the Church: Peter, James and John

In this eighth episode of the History of Christianity, we take a look at the three men that the Apostle Paul describes as the pillars of the church: Peter, James and John. For More Information: Peter’s Denial […]