The Plot to Kill Hitler


At a recent book fair at my children’s school, I was surprised to find the book, The Plot to Kill Hitler. I was not surprised to find a book on World War Two, I was […]

Who Were the Huguenots?


I have an interest in the French protestants known as the Huguenots. My family (on the Bedard side) are originally from La Rochelle, one of the Huguenots strongholds in France. While the Bedards were all Roman Catholic […]

What is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas?

Infancy Gospel of Thomas

One of the highlights when I teach New Testament introduction courses is to have “story-time” with a reading from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Why would I read from such a book? Critics attempt to […]

Paul and Gender – Review

Paul and Gender

One of the most controversial issues in the Christian church today is the role of women in leadership. The phrase “women in ministry” is not very helpful in that the New Testament expects all followers […]

The Relationship of History and New Testament Studies

New Testament

My training is in New Testament studies and not history. However, I see a very close relationship between the two. I come at New Testament studies from the perspective of history. How does one go […]

Judaism Before Jesus – Review


I am a firm believer that understanding the New Testament requires some understanding of its Jewish context. I don’t mean that Judaism is only Christian context, it has great value as a major faith. But […]

Historical Timeline of Religion in the 19th Century


I am especially interested in the development of new religions in the 19th century, including the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. I taught a course on this for Tyndale University College. As a part of the […]

Was Peter the First Pope?


My intention is not to make a theological critique of Peter as pope but rather a historical one. Having said that, I am a protestant Christian and so I do have some theological opinions on […]

Fall Of Constantinople 1453

The city of Constantinople is extremely important in the history of Christianity, arguably as important as Rome. It was the centre of Christianity in the East and it was here that Christians resisted the Muslim […]