John Wesley Documentary

John Wesley

One of my favourite figures in church history is John Wesley. Not surprising, his brother Charles is the author of many of my favourite hymns. Below you will find an interesting documentary on John Wesley. […]

Five Historical Reasons Why Christianity Spread So Quickly


Christians can explain the rapid spread of Christianity with theological reasons. Related but distinct from that are the historical reasons why Christianity was able to be successful. I see five reasons that helped Christianity to […]

A Short Introduction to John Calvin

One of the most important figures in church history is John Calvin. Calvin didn’t start the Reformation but he put his stamp on it. Today, many people use Reformed theology and Calvinism as synonyms. In […]

The Dirty Little Secret About Dating the Gospels


There is some debate when it comes to the dating of the Gospels. Some would like to date the Gospels in the 50s or 60s. There are others who will argue vehemently that the earliest […]

What is Multiple Attestation?

Multiple Attestation

One of the tools that historians use is something called multiple attestation. Multiple attestation simply means that something is more likely to be historical if it is attested in multiple sources. It is often used […]

Is the Telephone Game a Good Analogy for the Jesus Oral Traditions?

Most scholars are agreed that the traditions about Jesus were passed along as an oral tradition before being written down in the four Gospels. But what does that mean for their historical reliability? Some people […]

5 Books on the New Testament That I Recommend

New Testament

Although I love history, my formal training is in the area of the New Testament. I have come across some very helpful books over the years and I thought I would share what I think […]

Martin Luther – PBS Documentary

Martin Luther

One of the most influential figures in all of Christian history is Martin Luther. Love him or hate him, we must admit that he had a great impact and his legacy lives on. PBS put […]

How Did Oneness Pentecostalism Start?

Oneness Pentecostalism

Pentecostalism became a major Christian movement early in the twentieth century and continues to have an impact worldwide. Although many Pentecostals are trintarian, there is also segment that are Oneness or Jesus Only Pentecostals. Oneness […]

5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul is one of the most influential thinkers and writers in the history of Christianity. It could be argued that his impact is second only to Jesus. But how well do we really […]